Work Experience

Founder & Lead Developer – Chestnut Games (2012 – Present)

Chestnut Games is an indie game studio focusing mainly on innovation, alternative gameplay and original game ideas. After spending over 2 great years at Rovio where I learned most of the stuff I know in the game development – especially in a commercial perspective – I decided to go back to the roots where I always really belonged: indie games. We develop mostly for mobile platforms (iOS/Android) and to some extent for desktop ones (PC/OSX/Linux) thanks to the awesome cross-platform support that Unity3D – our main choice as game engine – gives us. We released our first game for iOS and Android, Kyubo, on June 6th 2013 and we have a total of 4 titles published in 3 years, with a total user base of 500k players.

Senior Game Programmer – Rovio Entertainment (2009 – 2012)

During those 3 years at Rovio, I’ve been Lead Programmer in Angry Birds Seasons and currently to the new first biggest release since Angry Birds: Bad Piggies. I’ve been also involved in other projects, being the main developer for half a year of Angry Birds Classic updates and helping out in AB Rio until its launch.
I’ve been as well prototyping (both with internal tech and Unity3D) and doing several third party technologies integrations.
Responsible for Facebook Connect in game implementation and Location services for the Angry Birds Magic platform.
This is the list of projects on which I worked on:
Angry Birds Seasons, Rovio 2010 (Lead Programmer)Angry Birds, Rovio 2009 (Programmer/Lead Programmer)Angry Birds Rio, Rovio 2011 (Programmer)Angry Birds Seasons Free (Lead Programmer)Angry Birds Free (Programmer)Angry Birds Rio Free (Programmer)Bad Piggies, Rovio 2012 (Lead Programmer)Bounce Boing Battle, Nokia 2010 (Programmer)

Senior Tech Programmer – HSE, Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (2007 – 2009)

Lead programmer in two EU projects, PASION and TARGET. The first was about augmenting communications over the networks, social network studies in other words. In this project I have been responsible for the development of four application in the Collaborative Knowledge Work area. The four platforms on which I developed the applications are: Skype, Outlook, Mobile (Nokia S series and Windows Mobile) and iGoogle-GMail. Those extensions aimed to collect communication data from different protocols and generate social indexes and network graphs on the basis of the events exchanged between users during their normale usage of the different applications. The TARGET project was about games, even if I cooperated in another project which is called FUGA (Fun of Gaming), this is my first experience with adaptative games. An adaptative game is a game that can change itself (difficulty, controls, environment etc) on the basis of psychophysiological data coming from sensors like EKG (Electrocardiogram), EEG (Electroencephalogram) etc. My task was to develop the component which gather data from the sensors to the game over bluetooth connection. I have been presenting PASION applications at the ICT in Lyon in November 2008 and I have took part in several conferences in Finland and Europe. I got also a paper publication at the HCI conference in San Diego (California) that will be held this summer in July. In the spare time I’ve carried out some personal projects mainly using Python, Blender Game Engine and cheap but powerful technologies such as Wiimote, PS3 controller and so on.

Lead Web Programmer – Multimedia Comunicazione (2006 – 2009)

Development of a CMS used by the Web TV “VideoCittà”, one of the first web tv of my county. This CMS does support the upload and pubblication of VideoCittà services, banner advertising control and moreover the management of the Web TV special contents