Welcome to my site Games and iOS Developer

My name’s Marco Rapino and I’m a 32 years old developer, mainly focused on games (from mobile to console platforms) and iOS applications.
I worked for several years as Senior Game Programmer at Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the game company that gave birth to the worldwide phenomena Angry Birds. I lead the development of many projects – Angry Birds and Bad Piggies the most important ones – plus I’ve been responsible of integrating many third party tools and libraries to other existing titles, from social networks to ads services. Moreover, I rewrote the in-house particle engine system to support complex particle systems used in the latest company’s games.
I’ve been awarded 2 times as best employee of the months among 600 people.
I’m currently founder and developer at Chestnut Games, a small indie game studio based in Lanciano, Italy.

I have a strong background in game programming, 3D, design and game research. My main goal is to make living out of indie game development.

I’m proficient with the following programming languages:
C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Lua, Obj-C, PHP, ASP, Lua, Javascript, Boo.

I worked on the following platforms:
PC, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, WebOS, Symbian (S60 and S^3).

I’m extremely proficient with the Unity3D engine which I used for several professional and personal projects, mostly for mobile platforms.

I’ve been working with the following IDE and tools:
Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Unity, NetBeans, QT Creator, Adobe Flash.

I’m a big enthusiast of VR, I own an Oculus headset and Leap motion device with which I love experimenting things for both, commercial and research purposes!

I also have a pretty good background in shader programming and knowledge about the rendering pipeline.

I love doing 3D art as well, especially when it comes to model characters or toonish/low poly environments.
I’m proficient with the following 3D/SFX/Graphic tools:
Cinema4D, Realflow, Blender, Spine, Endorphine, PF Tracker, Voodoo Camera Tracker, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere.

Finally I love photography and World of Warcraft, me and my Nikon D750 enjoy traveling around the world and picture its greatness into digital frames. 🙂
It is still hard to find time for such a huge game, but I use boosting services to be in trends. It was very helpful when WoW Classic started and as well for Shadowlands update.